Top and Senior Management Leaders

We work with you to bring your greatest leadership presence forward, at the crossroads of where your key leadership activities, your clear and connected interactions with your team, and your business outcomes meet.

Executive Coaches and Leadership Consultants

Either through 1-1 coach consultation or as a participant in the Executive Coach Training Series, we work with you to bring a coaching methodology to complex client situations so that your signature presence will support and challenge your clients to greater development and effectiveness.

Organization Development and Human Resources VPs and Directors

We work with you when you want a consistent internal executive coaching approach installed in your organization, so you can support leaders to face daunting challenges with humane determination.   



1) Leaders and teams speak directly to each other, not about each other.

2) Leaders lead with both backbone and heart.® They do not leave either one out, and encourage their teams to hold that balance as well.

3) Leaders use authority as a resource -- they don’t abuse or refuse to use it -- to create committed and coordinated teams to achieve results.

4) All teams have patterns that are co-created among the members, including the leader. Some are functional and need to be reinforced. Some patterns need to shift to become more effective. Patterns are ingrained and difficult to change. Live team coaching is one of the most productive ways to shift team patterns.