The Suite of ROI Offerings

Here is the Suite of Offerings to help you calculate the ROI of your executive coaching. You can take just one course, or all three (at a discount), whatever you need to bring ROI calculation to your practice.

Here are the ROI courses: 

1) Calculating the ROI of Your Executive Coaching

1.5 hours pre-recorded online course
1.5 Resource Development credits
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2) The Leadership Vision Kit

1.25 hours pre-recorded online course
1.25 Resource Development credits
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3) Live ROI Q&A Teleclass with Mary Beth

1.5 hours live teleclass
1.5 hours ICF Core Competency credits
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Calculating the ROI of Your Executive Coaching

Resource Development Credits: 1.5 hours


Learn an ROI method for your executive clients in corporate environments.  The secret? Teach the client how to calculate the ROI of the coaching engagement.  This course lays out the how-to steps to do just that, which will increase both your ability and confidence to bring ROI calculations to your work with clients.


  • Identify early in the coaching contract the factors and variables that will impact ROI calculation at the end of the contract. Using a goal setting process that is geared to senior executives, the ROI elements seamlessly surface from the very beginning.

  • Learn an ROI formula for calculating executive coaching’s effectiveness.

  • Have the client convince the coach of the ROI value of the executive coaching. Coaches learn to be skeptics in order to strip out all inflated wishful thinking and illusory connections between ROI and coaching that they or their clients may have. Only the real connections remain.

  • This ROI method identifies the direct connection between your coaching and your client’s business results. Many ROI calculations go no further than savings from retaining top talent. This approach calculates the impact coaching has on the executive’s actual work in the organization. both the Benefit to Cost ratio and the ROI percentage for your coaching engagements.

Tool: Excel ROI Calculator, which allows you and your client to plug in the numbers; it does the math for you. The Calculator generates

Prerequisites: none

Delivered as: a 1.5 hour pre-recorded webinar

Faculty: Mary Beth O’Neill, author of Executive Coaching with Backbone & Heart.

AVAILABLE: any time


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Leadership Vision Kit

Resource Development Credits: 1.25 hours


Here is a method to help your client develop their leadership vision so that it facilitates a successful ROI calculation at the end of the coaching contract (Part of this process is outlined in the course called, Calculating the ROI of Your Executive Coaching, along with how to tie it into the ROI calculation process at the end)

This course includes a How-To video to help you help your client create the full Leadership Vision and identify specific goals in 5 key areas: 1) The Business Imperative, 2) The Culture Shift needed to get there, 3) Targeted Business Results, 4) Team Interactions needed to create those results, and 5) Leader Interactions that create the mobilization toward team commitment, initiative, and achievement. 

This course also contains the Leadership Vision Practice, a pdf step-by-step process to create a Leadership Vision that shows how to identify specific goals in each of these five areas.


  • Creation of a bulleted Leadership Vision that fits on 1-2 pages -- no thick document that’s going to sit on the shelf!

  • Identification and integration of business goals with the specific leader and team behaviors needed to achieve them.

  • The Backbone and Heart required to create and lead a successful Leadership Vision.

Prerequisites: none

Delivered as: a 1.25 hour pre-recorded webinar

Faculty: Mary Beth O’Neill, author of Executive Coaching with Backbone & Heart.


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All sales final on pre-recorded courses.

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Live ROI Q & A Teleclass with Mary Beth

CCE 1.5 hrs


This is a chance to bring your questions, concerns, and “what ifs” on how to apply the ROI of executive coaching to your practice. It will be a lively discussion with Mary Beth and other teleclass members.  No new material is covered from the other ROI courses; this is a chance to deepen your understanding, and your ability to apply it. 


  • Real life client situations you bring to the discussion, clients where you want to apply the ROI formula.

  • Cases where you tried to apply it, but it was less clear than you desired. Discover what you could do to sharpen the conversations with your clients.

  • Clarification questions about the ROI process so that you have more confidence to bring it to more of your clients.

  • Questions about the Excel ROI Calculator.

Prerequisites: none

Delivered as: a live Teleclass

Faculty: Mary Beth O’Neill, author of Executive Coaching with Backbone & Heart.

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** You will be asked to agree to the following for the Teleclass:

Publicity Release (for use of the recorded Webinars beyond the sessions):
If Mary Beth wants to use the recorded webinars elsewhere in her business, and my magnificent presence is represented on them, I give permission to her to use these recordings as she sees fit. Now on to the legalese way to say the same thing -- I consent to the use and publication, by MBO Consulting, of my words, actions, name, image, and appearance (known as Likeness) that are in audio and video recordings of Webinars owned by Mary Beth O’Neill. MBO Consulting and its representatives may use my Likeness for any use they see fit – in print, broadcasting, audio-visual cassette or disk, streaming, download, closed-circuit or other exhibition purposes, in any manner or media, in perpetuity throughout the world. I waive any and all rights, claims or interests with respect to such uses and activities. 

Confidentiality Agreement:
I will keep all content about specific clients, organizations, and attendees strictly confidential, not to be shared with anyone outside the seminar participants with whom I attend the course.

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